Is O'ahu the Big Island?

No, O'ahu is one island and the Big Island is another one. The actual name of the Big Island is Hawai'i Island. There are the 8 islands that make up the Hawaiian Islands: Hawai'i Island (Big Island), Maui, Kaho'olawe, Lana'i, Moloka'i, O'ahu, Kaua'i, and Ni'ihau.

Fun fact, each island has a flower and color that represents it:

Hawai'i Island: Red Lehua Ohia flower / Red

Maui: Lokelani flower / Pink

Kaho'olawe: Hinahina flower / Grey

Lana'i: Kaunaoa flower / Orange

Moloka'i: Kukui blossom / White

O'ahu: Ilima flower / Yellow

Kaua'i: Mokihana flower / Purple

Ni'ihau: Pupu shell / White


What does aloha mean?

Good question! Our first blog post explains what the word aloha means and can be read here.


I asked a guy who was fishing if he caught anything and he said, 'only small kine, brah'. What does that mean?

It means he didn't catch anything to brag about. Probably just a few small fish. 'Kine' is a word that you will hear a lot of when in Hawai'i. It is a word used as a placeholder for almost anything you can think of and most likely derived from 'the kind'. Some other uses in sentences are, all kine, da kine, local kine, etc. Not to worry though, we have inserted a glossary of pidgin (local slang) terms and words that will allow you to understand the local lingo.


Would you be able to create an itinerary for our next trip?

We would love to help you have the best experience possible while in Hawai'i. Whether you have friends visiting for a wedding, a corporate event, or are simply taking a vacation, we've got you covered. At the moment, we are solely focusing on O'ahu, with our attention shifting to other islands in the near future. Prices vary depending on size of party and number of days. Contact us for more info.


I'm interested in carrying your guides in my shop. Do you offer wholesale prices?

Yes, we do offer our products for wholesale accounts. Please contact us at info@highlightstravelco.com for wholesale inquiries.