Local Slang

Let's talk a little about the local slang in Hawai'i.  What started on the sugarcane plantations as a way for owners, immigrant workers and native Hawaiians to communicate, Hawaiian Pidgin is a blend of various languages including Hawaiian, English, Portuguese, Cantonese, Filipino and Japanese.  It is a language distinct to the islands of Hawai'i and ever present in the daily interactions between locals.  We covered some local slang in our Honolulu Travel Journal and now we want to share some of our favorites with you.


CHOKE - many, a lot

* They get choke spam on sale today!


HANA HOU - repeat, one more time, encore

* Chee hoo!  That was a good play.. Hana Hou!


HOLOHOLO - to go out, especially for a ride for leisure

* You like holoholo with me?


GRINDS - good food

* Ho brah, let’s eat at Helena’s, they get mean grinds there.


PAU - finished, done

* I pau eating my poi.


PAU HANA - after work, drinks, happy hour

* It's pau hana time, let's go grab some drinks!

If you want to learn more Hawaiian Pidgin.. we suggest picking up one of these classic books here.