Let's start with ALOHA.

Aloha has many meanings, hello, goodbye, I love you, but did you know that its literal translation is the ‘presence of breath’ or the ‘breath of life’.  In ancient times, Hawaiians would greet each other face to face and touch noses, in order to make this exchange.  Can you imagine greeting your friend, boss, or even a stranger, this way?  It would definitely change the way we a good way.

Although greetings aren’t as personal in this day and age, saying aloha to someone means more than just saying hello or goodbye.  It is a way of life.  What they call the aloha spirit.  As a local of O’ahu, I feel the aloha spirit every time I step foot on the islands.  It’s the way locals greet and speak to you (da pidgin helps too, yeah?), how the sun and humidity immediately loosens you up, and even seeing the occasional shaka on the road or rainbow forming in the sky.  It’s difficult to explain all the nuances that make living in Hawai’i so different from the rest but it is clear to me when I come back to visit.

That is why our very first Talk Story post had to speak to Aloha.  It’s how we want to begin and continue our connection with you.  To be able to share what we value and get excited about in hopes that you experience the same.  We hope you stick around for more stories and projects from us.  Until then, a hui hou / until we meet again...


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